Graeme Macrae Burnet

Graeme Macrae Burnet is a Scottish author born in 1967. He has been nominated for the Booker Prize twice. In 2022 his book “Case Study” was long-listed for the Booker Prize and short-listed for the Gordon Burn Prize. In Burnet’s writing style often intertwines elements of crime, historical fiction, and psychological depth. His ability to create intricate narratives and compelling characters within historical settings has been praised by readers and critics alike. Aside from “Case Study,” Burnet has written other books like “The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau” and “The Accident on the A35,” both of which showcase his talent for crafting absorbing mysteries and exploring the darker aspects of human nature.

 In “Vilnius Book Fair 2024” author will present his latest book “Case Study” (translated by Akvilina Cicėnaitė), which intricately weaves a suspenseful narrative exploring the narrow boundaries between truth and deception, sanity and madness. It is an intelligent novel, laced with subtle humour and an original detective storyline.


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