Karen Swan

Each new novel by the British author Karen Swan causes a sensation in Lithuania. More than 40,000 copies of her books have been sold in the country. During the author’s first visit to the Vilnius Book Fair in 2022, her most loyal fans came to see her with a suitcase full of books. 

A former fashion journalist, now a highly acclaimed writer of romance novels discovered a perfect formula for her books. At the center of each novel is a love story, rooted in the historical context of a specific place. This lets the reader travel to various parts of the world, from the spectacular nature of Costa Rica to the remote archipelagos of Scotland or historical European cities such as Rome, Paris, or London. There also are many fans of Swan who cannot imagine a Christmas season without her holiday novels that come out each winter, taking the readers to a new place every year.

Visiting the Vilnius Book Fair for the first time, Swan disclosed that she was looking forward to spending as much time as possible in Vilnius, where one of her future novels might take place. The author’s second visit to the book fair will be a great chance to find out if she is planning to take this idea further.


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