Paolo Giordano

Paolo Giordano is an Italian author born in 1982. He gained widespread recognition for his debut novel “The Solitude of Prime Numbers” (“La solitudine dei numeri primi”) published in 2008. This novel was awarded the Premio Strega (the most prestigious Italian literary award), the Premio Campiello (an annual Italian literary prize), was translated into over 40 languages, made into a movie, and sold 2 million copies in Italy alone.  Giordano’s background in physics and his ability to weave complex emotions into his narratives have contributed to the critical acclaim of his works. Besides being an author of books, he also writes for newspapers and magazines. Giordano’s writing often delves into themes of solitude, relationships, and the human condition. Some of his other notable works include “The Human Body” (“Il corpo umano”), “Heaven and Earth” (“Divorare il cielo”), which have also been translated into Lithuanian. He is known for his ability to craft poignant stories that resonate deeply with readers, exploring the intricacies of human relationships and emotions.

 In “Vilnius Book Fair 2024” author will present his latest novel “Tasmania” (translated by Rasa Di Pasquale). The novel explores existential fears and the search for personal salvation in a world of global uncertainties and crises.

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